Aqua Cow Rise System - Denmark

With the AQUA COW RISE SYSTEM you can float a down cow back into its legs harmlessly without using clamps, belts or chains. The AQUA COW is a natural way to get a cow back on its legs using only warm water.

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To get the best results with the AQUA COW please read these pages before operating the AQUA COW.
And remember: "She can't exit too slowly"

"From the theoretical viewpoint, the ultimate supporting surface for downer cows is water. No other method supports the body so completely, while reducing pressure on the body".
Dr. Vic Cox Dept. of Vet. Pathology and Biology College of Veterinary Medicine, Univ. Minn.

"Flotation is most effective if applied early, before a downer cow develops serious myopathy / neuropathy. Studies have shown that flotation using the aqua cow system is practical and effective, even when cattle have been down for 24 hours or more and have a variety of serious problems."
"A good physical prior to flotation is of paramount importance. If one eliminates many of the unsuccesful cases the succes rate will improve even further - to 90 % in our group"
Bradford Smith, DVM, DACVIM Director, Vet.Teaching Hospital U. California Davis

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